MH17 2014 Terakt USA end Ukraina

Bribed by the Soros Netherlands experts entirely forgotten principle-who STANDS to GAIN? And profitable all blame Russia as Patrashenko, and Mccain, who organized the terrorist act with flight MN17 flight delay Putin from Brazil and immediately delay MN17, Ukrainian air traffic controller under the threat of forced change course with MN17 calculation of the plane will be shot down over Russia. Patrashenko knocked down Malaysian aircraft, flat with the words Mccain that the airplane is flying. Thus, the idiot Patrashenka knocked down MN17 civilians, including Dutch.

United States satellite imagery clearly confirm that it is the Ukrainian military brought down MN17 and sale journalists tried to and attempt to slander the West Russia. Again: see root-who STANDS to GAIN? And everything becomes clear. Thus in the dock should plant: Mccain (the organizer of the attack) Patrashenka (executor of the attack), Obama Hussein for libel, Dutch experts for lying and fabricating facts, particularly false and arrogant journalists together with Soros.

The time comes, so be it, while Mccain would already be in the underworld and fails to answer for all the numerous victims throughout the world for its close. The people of Earth-be smarter and think with your head, and don't believe corrupt journalists and politicians of the West!

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